ZOCCAM Electronic Earnest Money Deposit


  1. Download ZOCCAM from the Apple App Store or Google Play.
  2. Register with name & email address and mobile number.
  3. Enter real estate license, if applicable.
  4. Verify device with PIN sent via text.
  5. Create an 8 digit numeric passcode & confirm passcode.


  1. Sign in with mobile number and 8 digit numeric passcode you created.
  2. Select Capture.
  3. Select Earnest Money.
  4. Type “Thurston County Title” in search field.
  5. Enter contract information.
  6. Take picture of front and back of check on a dark, well lit surface.
  7. Email notifications will be sent to all parties entered.


Can duplicate checks be deposited?
  • No, duplicate checks are rejected at the time the user attempts to send. The user is notified that it is a duplicate.
Who can use the application?
  • Anyone may download ZOCCAM and Register.

Does ZOCCAM ensure Image Quality?

  • Every Image undergoes an Image Quality Assessment and every image format conforms to the Image Quality and TIFF Tag Requirements. ZOCCAM is able to capture and pass an exact representation of the MICR line.

Does ZOCCAM require the user to Log In and Log Out?

  • Yes, ZOCCAM requires the user to create a Personal Identification Number.

What does the User do with the Check after it has been sent?

  • Once the check has been sent the Buyer should keep the check for their files.

What devices does ZOCCAM work on?

  • ZOCCAM works on iPhones and Android as well as tablets.

My bank only allows deposits of up to $2000 with MRDC. What is the limit for ZOCCAM?

  • ZOCCAM has no limit and any limits are handled between the financial institution and the escrow recipient.

Secure Features:

  • ZOCCAM’s application does not contain or hold any financial information
  • The check is encrypted from capture to delivery
  • The check image is not stored nor does it remain on the phone or tablet
  • ZOCCAM uses encrypted handshakes and tokens to ensure the check and data are sent to the specific branch with the title company
  • Multi-Factor Authentication
  • Data is secured via Secure Socket Layer (SSL) with 2048 bit encryption.
  • ZOCCAM delivers the check utilizing Check 21
  • Upon receipt of the Xg file it is processed by your bank